Spring Cleaning

It’s time for Spring Cleaning. We may have been delayed a bit by COVID-19, but there’s still time to get things cleaned up AND take advantage of our spring cleaning discount before time runs out.

Surprised that chimneys need spring cleaning? You aren’t alone! Many people don’t realize that spring is the best time to have the chimney maintenance performed. Cleaning immediately after you are done burning for the season keeps soot from damaging your liner over the summer months. We have quicker appointment availability during the spring. And if any other problems are found when we inspect the chimney, they can be repaired over the summer months. Then you’ll be ready to burn on that first chilly fall evening with peace of mind.

We also do dryer vent cleaning. Dryer fires often happen due to built up lint in the vent system. If you’ve noticed that your clothes are taking longer than usual to dry, seriously consider having your vent cleaned.

Exterior chimney cleaning and water repellent is another service we offer. If your chimney masonry is dingy or mildewed but is still structurally sound, we can power wash and then apply water repellent to the chimney. Or spruce things up with a chimney face lift. We do masonry upgrades such as stucco, stone veneer, custom copper or stainless steel caps and chase covers. A poured concrete crown is the finishing touch that not only looks good, but is also helpful in keeping water from entering the rest of the chimney masonry. When the water gets into masonry work, damage can occur with the freeze/thaw cycles that are common in Pennsylvania.

Don’t wait  – call to schedule  your appointment before June 30th to receive a $20 discount on any chimney sweeping or gas log/insert service.