Fireplace Restoration:
A facelift

Do you wish your fireplace face was more classic, or more modern, or just different? We can do that for you. Changing the facade of your fireplace can change the look of your entire room.

Fireplace Restoration:

“I love my fireplace, but I’d like to get more heat from it.” We can redesign your firebox for maximum heat efficiency without sacrificing the ambiance.

Fireplace Restoration:
Codes and Safety

Many times, fireplaces need to be restored because the lining, smoke chamber, or firebox has failed. Other times, it simply isn’t up to code and poses a fire hazard. We can make your fireplace code compliant and meet current safety standards.

chimney rebuild post chimney fire

Chimney Relines and Rebuilds

When the chimney lining has failed, we can reline the chimney with a uL listed stainless steel liner system.

When the masonry portion of the chimney system has failed, we can rebuild it using brick, stone, block, etc.

Crown seal and caps

Chimney Caps, Masonry & Crown Repair

We install chimney caps in copper or stainless steel. We can order custom sized caps and chase covers.

Masonry repairs such as stucco, pointing, water repellent and poured crowns are other services we offer.

Regency gas fireplace

Regency & Hampton Stoves/Inserts/Fireplaces – available for wood, gas, LP, pellet, and electric

We carry the Regency and Hampton line of wood stoves and inserts, and gas or LP stoves, inserts, and fireplaces. Pellet stoves and electric fireplaces are also available.

herringbone firebox with marble mantel

And much more

Additional services are available such as dryer vent cleaning, top mount dampers, Class A chimney, stove pipe replacement, and more.

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