Chimney Leak? Let’s take a closer look

Masonry chimney in need of repair

What makes a chimney leak? Here are some of the most common causes.

No cap

If a cap or top mount damper is missing from your chimney, rainwater can come down through the flue, making things wet at the bottom – commonly seen in your fireplace, stove, heater, etc.  If there are cracks in the flue tiles, or the flue is unlined, the water can seep through to other areas. 

Cracks or lack of a proper concrete crown

Crowns deteriorate over time. Chunks break out, cracks appear.And then, the freeze/thaw cycle intensifies the problem.

Missing mortar joints or deteriorated masonry material

Masonry chimneys also deteriorate over time. Missing mortar joints, damaged or spalling brick, can allow water into the structure.

Cracked brick or stones, masonry block, or stucco can also be an entry point for water.


Damaged, deteriorated or incorrectly installed flashing can allow water in around the chimney.

Porous masonry material

Masonry materials can be porous and absorb water during rain. The masonry can only hold so much moisture. After that, it reaches the point of saturation, and releases the moisture.


A chimney for a heating appliance may have exhaust containing excessive moisture. The moisture in the exhaust condenses on the inside of the chimney as the exhaust cools.  Therefore, the chimney leaks from the inside out! This can especially be a problem in the top portion of the chimney that is outside of the roof.

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