Do I really need a Chimney Cap?

Wildlife & chimneys don’t mix!

A chimney cap is your chimney’s best defense against wildlife invasions. Birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and other creatures view your open chimney as a hollow tree – the perfect place to make a home. The federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects chimney swifts. As a result, we cannot legally remove them from your chimney.

Close off their access to your home by installing a stainless steel chimney cap or a top sealing damper that’s kept closed when you aren’t burning. An open chimney is an invitation to wildlife and should be avoided whenever possible. Not convinced? Check out this video of a recent bird invasion.

Chimney caps are available for a standard single flue as well as custom sizes to cover multiple flues with a single cap. They are also available as stainless steel or copper, and available powder coated in several colors. A properly sized and installed cap will not restrict your draft. Our caps are have stainless steel or copper mesh to close in the sides. This offers the added benefit of being a spark arrestor. The mesh prevents sparks and embers from landing on your roof and combustible material nearby.

stainless steel cap

Caps should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good repair and clear of obstructions. Have your chimney and cap checked annually, prior to the fall burning season, to ensure the system is fit to use.

If you have already had an animal visitor(s), chances are they have made a mess inside the flue. An appointment for a chimney sweeping to clear out all nesting and debris is essential before using the fireplace again.

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