Restored fireplace with granite face

Fireplace Restoration

Our company is the leading authority on fireplace restoration. Whether you need functionality, a different look, or a full restoration, we can meet your needs.

Rebuilt chimney

Masonry Rebuilds

Because masonry deteriorates over time, we have staff specially trained to repair or rebuild your chimney. We can work with brick, block, stone, stone veneer, stucco and more.

Stainless Steel liner

Relining & Repair

When a chimney liner has failed, we can install a stainless steel liner system. If other portions of the chimney have failed such as the exterior mortar joints or the concrete crown, we can repoint and do poured crowns. Check out our blog on CHIMNEY LEAKS!


Sweeping is an important maintenance item for anyone that burns wood. Fireplaces, stoves and inserts all need regular maintenance to stay in top condition. Oil, gas, and coal appliances also need their chimneys serviced. We use an industrial vacuum with HEPA filtration and other specialized tools in the process of sweeping.

restored firebox, facade and hearth

Gas Fireplace/Insert Service

We service gas fireplaces, inserts and log sets. Whether your appliance is used for heat or ambiance, we can provide the service it needs to be ready when you want to use it.

gas fireplace

Call 610-488-1595 or email today  to schedule an inspection or an appointment for chimney sweeping or evaluation. Try using our new web chat feature at the corner of your screen. You may also send us a text message at ‪(484) 509-0991‬.